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Robert Kerr at VE (UK), was Derbyshire’s first recorded Corona Virus patient. See the BDN story from the 30 March

He is now back in the saddle after almost 3 weeks he had recovered enough to get him home to finish his recovery. 

With double pneumonia, extremely low oxygen in his blood, sepsis, and many other issues, he was in an induced coma for 13 days, ending with a tracheotomy to help him recover.

“We, his family, thank god for his recovery, we were at the point losing him, and thankfully, the brilliant NHS team in the Royal Derby Hospital, got him safe enough to go home to speed his recovery. Wife Amy, Daughters Trinity & Samantha, and son Gage, Mum Janet and Dad Norrie cannot thank them enough for the care and support they have all received.

It will be a while before he is fully fit, but, the good news he’s back!” said his father and scooter industry heavyweight Norrie Kerr.