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It's not just London where bikers are taking action against scooter and bike theft. More than 200 bikers plan to take to the streets of Bristol on 30 September, vowing to bring the city to a standstill.

Organisers have created an event on Facebook, where they say motorcyclists have had enough of "bragging" crooks stealing motorbikes in the city and they mean to show thieves, “they are very much running on borrowed time”.

Over the past two years gangs of motorbike thieves have been operating around Bristol, stealing bikes and posting bragging videos on social media.

According to a story in the Bristol Post, the bikers also say they want the ride to act as a wake-up call to the courts, “to notice the real victims of these crimes and appropriately punish the offenders before the public loses all confidence in the system.”

Police have said they are working to catch the crooks but bikers’ groups have repeatedly said they are unhappy with what they say is a lack of action from cops.

Organisers say the protest will involve local bike groups and dealerships to show solidarity with the police in their ongoing efforts.

“These thieves need to get the message loud and clear that they DO NOT own the streets, that there are and will be repercussions for their actions and they are very much running on borrowed time!"

Thieves have blatantly boasted about their exploits on Instagram. Picture courtesy of the Bristol Post.