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Motorists may soon be hit with a £600 tax just to park at work, providing a sales opportunity for scooter and motorcycle dealerships.

Oxford councillors want to impose a so-called "poll tax on wheels" to slash congestion in the university city, where more than 60% of journeys are made by car.

Plus, they are recommending affected employers “avoid paying all or some of the levy by passing it on to their employees who park at work".

“In Nottingham, where a workplace parking levy has been in operation since 2012, about 40-50% of employers pass on all or some of the levy to their employees.”

Councillors in Oxford say that there are “many more workplace parking spaces in the city compared to public parking, mainly located outside the city centre”.

The push follows similar efforts in nine other local authority areas, including Birmingham (pictured), Reading, several London boroughs and Leicester, where councils hope to boost coffers by millions of pounds.

Since the Nottingham levy was first enforced seven years ago, it has raised nearly £60million, with funds said to have gone towards improving the tram network and subsidising a public bike-share scheme.

Employers In Oxfordshire with 10 or fewer spaces would be exempt from the charge.

The councils say that there are about 18,000 workplace car parking spaces within the Oxford city council administrative area.