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Jim Sandiford Ltd, long-term UK importer of Mecatecno electric trials motorcycles predominately for children, says it has started legal proceedings against the Barcelona-based manufacturer.

Caroline Sandiford told BDN: “It’s with a huge amount of sadness I announce that today [4 April] legal action has commenced between myself and Mecatecno, or Stalber Corp. I have made my dealer network aware and at this point I have spare parts stock.

“This stock is now to be advertised for immediate sale. My wish and previous suggestion is that this matter is resolved amicably and therefore a seamless transition facilitated. Once settled and agreed a new importer could then service the existing network and customer base.”

Sandiford said the dispute was “even more disappointing considering the riders of the brand are at this point all children”.

Responding, Mecatecno said: "We have simply finished the contract with our former importer as it is stated in our contract due to the failure in achieving the dealt goals."

Jim Sandiford Ltd of Rossendale in Lancashire formed Mecatecno UK and started importing the Spanish machines in 2011 and says it has “worked tirelessly to establish the brand” in the UK. The launch of the new Dragonfly - the first adult trials bike from the manufacturer - received publicity in BDN.

Jim Sandiford's was founded by James Albert Sandiford in the early 70s as a dedicated Montesa business.