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The NGK Spark Plug company is one of the genuine stalwart brands of the bike and car world. But the big bosses reckon the parent corporation needs a new name, and have rebranded it as Niterra. That’s because the firm now produces a much wider range of products, including electronic sensors, technical ceramics and much more. And with the internal combustion engine looking like an endangered species over the next few decades, calling your entire company after a defunct component might hold you back.

Luckily, the Niterra firm will continue to brand its spark plugs as NGK components for the foreseeable future.

“Niterra is a key milestone in the transformation which we are undergoing,” says Damien Germès, president and CEO of NGK Spark Plug Europe, regional president EMEA and corporate officer of the global headquarters in Japan. “In the coming generations, it will be necessary to think even more about sustainability and what is good for the Earth. With our new name, we have taken one more step on our journey to become a company that not only is successful, but also provides new value to the world.”