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Following a "turbulent" few months, it was "encouraging to see that the motorcycle market bounced back in June" with registrations up 7.8%, according to Stephen Latham, head of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA), which represents motorcycle retailers across the UK.

Latham noted that almost 1000 more machines were put on the road in June compared with the same period last year. Year to-date, the market is also up 2% on 2017.

"Most power sectors performed well, with the exception of the sub-50cc models, which have seen an ongoing downward trend. The Supersport sector saw a decline of 20%. In recent years the naked bikes sector which covers all power ranges has performed well and now accounts for over 31% of all bikes registered and sold so far this year.

"In 2018, we have also seen a decline in the mid-range power machines (651-1000cc), so it positive to see that June marked a modest 1.8% increase for this particular sector. However, year to date the sector is still 12% down."

Latham continued: “Manufacturer-wise, Honda topped the list this month with 2439 registrations, followed by Yamaha in second position with 1491 sales, and BMW in third position registering 1358 machines and again making the R1200GS model its best seller

“Dealers are optimistic that the market will pick up over the coming months, especially with the summer months among us, making this a peak time for consumers to purchase new bikes”.