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At least the rate of attrition slowed during October from September’s desperate gloom, according to MCIA data, as a wave of late-season finance special offers and veiled distress discounts cut in. BDN financial editor Roger Willis reports.
Total registrations for the month fell by 13.8% to 7406 units. Motorcycles were just 5.9% down to 5156. But scooters sank by 32.4% to 1530. Mopeds lost 17.4% at 646 machines, a tenth of which wore Lexmoto badges.
Across capacity classes, 51-125cc kit plummeted by 31% but 126-650cc and 651-1000cc were riding the bargain surf with respective 15.6% and 12.4% gains. Over-1000cc stuff was 11.2% in arrears, though.
As ever, Honda led the top-five brand rankings, followed by Yamaha, BMW, Triumph and KTM in that order. Among them, there were three winners and two losers. BMW made the biggest splash with a 54.9% advance, KTM was 10.9% up and Honda squeezed in a small 2.1% improvement. Yamaha was chief dunce, dropping by 17.5%. Triumph was on the wrong side of flat, 0.6% down.
In the full top-ten list, Suzuki may have been last over the line but it could claim an incalcuable rise, having failed to make the previous October’s beauty parade at all. The rest were in minus territory. Worst performers were Lexmoto and Piaggio, posting respective 39.5% and 32.6% declines. Harley-Davidson was 14% down and Kawasaki fell by 4.2%.
For the ten months of 2017 to date, the entire market is 15.5% down on 92,913 units. In perspective, that’s 9.9% lower than the equivalent position two years ago and approximately level-pegging with 2014.