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Piaggio has been forced to step in and resolve an industrial dispute blockading the parts warehouse supplying its scooter plant at Pontedera. This storage facility, which is owned and operated by Swiss-based global supply-chain outsourcing giant CEVA Logistics, uses sub-contracted staff from a local cooperative.

Trade unions representing some 113 of these workers had been in negotiations for a €400 (£350) monthly pay rise to bring their wages in line with those received by direct CEVA employees doing similar jobs elsewhere in Italy. When talks reached stalemate, the workforce walked out on strike at the end of June and subsequently picketed the warehouse gates to stop further parts deliveries.

The situation remained unresolved for several days until Piaggio, which wasn’t directly involved in the dispute, finally intervened. Faced with disruption of seasonal peak scooter production prior to its traditional August summer holiday shutdown, the company agreed to settle the wage claim in full and pay for overtime working to clear the back log.