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On Friday 2 March a shipment of Renthal products destined for Techno Motor Veghel BV (TMV), an importer and distributor in the Netherlands, was stolen from a lorry park in Peterborough. Six pallets of sprockets, handlebars and chains were taken.

Mark Fenwick of Renthal distributor B&C Express, based in Potterhanworth near Lincoln, told BDN: “We would like the dealers to notify us and assist in catching the culprits if they start offering items for sale.

“This was a well-organised theft due to the size and weight of the shipment and as Renthal products are a niche item it’s not going to be easy to move on without people recognising it.

“If anyone has any information or gets offered items, please contact the police or Renthal direct on 0161 4066399.”