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London-based GBRacing has been tackling fraudsters passing off cheap imitations of its secondary engine covers for several years, with the volume now rising to unprecedented levels.

To its credit, the online auction portal eBay has removed no fewer than 110 listings covering more than 350 different counterfeit GBRacing products through its Vero programme, after the company filed a number of complaints. Possibly the tip of the iceberg but still a great victory against unscrupulous traders.

However, while eBay is proving to be an ethical operation, GBRacing says fighting fraud elsewhere has met with varying degrees of success. The discrepancies between copyright laws in many Far Eastern countries often prove insurmountable for a relatively small UK engineering firm.

Several website vendors have also been brought to the firm's attention. And while potential damage to the hard-earned reputation of the GBRacing brand is clearly a concern, more worrying is the threat to rider safety of sub-standard fakes.

“All our genuine engine covers have been developed over many years of racing at the highest level in conjunction with some of the world’s best teams,” says GBRacing managing director Graham Banks. “As a result, both the design and the patented material have evolved to provide world-class motorcycle protection, with the priority being oil containment to minimise the chances of injury to a following rider crashing on spilled lubricant.”