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A simple decal could help save bikers’ lives by making it easier for medical staff to treat them.
Motorcyclists are 75% more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than car drivers. Tragically, in 2011 more than 350 motorcycle users were killed, over 5240 seriously injured and there were more than 20,000 motorcycle-related injuries.
The Emergency PAL Helmet Decal is claimed to give any motorcyclist involved in a serious accident a better chance of survival. It transmits all of the rider’s essential information such as medical history and emergency contact details direct to any kind of mobile phone. It uses the latest mobile technology coupled with a simple user interface.
Ian Cunningham, founder of Emergency PAL says: “No-one plans an accident or emergency. They just happen and in many of these cases the patient cannot respond when asked about their symptoms, medical history or current medication. Medical first responders face an uphill battle to treat them and get them to hospital effectively. We hope that our Emergency PAL Decal will make the job of the medical first responders much easier.”
Bikers and family members can order the Emergency PAL Helmet Decal online with just a few clicks by inputting relevant data which is then programmed into the card.  The user’s information is kept completely secure and can be updated online as health circumstances change.
The weatherproof and UV resistant decals are posted to the rider for attachment to the helmet.