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11/06/2018    simple and cost-effective measures to save lives

Technological innovations in the area of road infrastructure are part of the answer to cutting rider fatalities and improving motorcycle safety, according to the European Union Road Federation (ERF...

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08/06/2018    bbc reports on rise of the electric motorcycle

The BBC has been taking an interest in PTWs, with an article headed How electric motorbikes are zooming into the fast lane. It reports that, to date, electric motorbikes have been a niche product,...

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Around two decades after the much-mocked abject failure of its first foray into branded men’s perfumery, Harley-Davidson is risking a second attempt. The company has established a cross-promotional...

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06/06/2018    new technology can detect filtering motorcycles

Ford has filed a patent that uses cameras and other sensors to help a vehicle detect motorcycles filtering between lanes, calculate how quickly they are approaching and automatically stop the car...

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06/06/2018    mv makes return to gp racing in moto 2

MV Agusta is returning to GP racing to compete in the Moto 2 world championship with the Forward Racing Team. MV says it is the most successful European motorcycle manufacturer of all time, with 75...

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