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As a traditional new-plate month with big volumes, March usually kickstarts the bike sales season. But this year, it has also shrugged off current political and economic uncertainties to deliver...

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16/04/2019    good tyre deal for amca members

The AMCA (Amateur Motor Cycle Association) has secured an exclusive member deal with Dunlop tyres for the 2019 season. An AMCA licence holder can buy a pair of Geomax MX12, MX33 or MX52s at a...

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15/04/2019    59 hits 60 and celebrates with ride-outs

Two organised ride-outs will take place on 4 May to commemorate 60 years of the 59 Club. Founded on 2 April, 1959, the original club was located at Hackney Wick, East London. Church-based, this...

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15/04/2019    Oilheads Resurrect Southend Shakedown

Southend-based motorcycle group The Oilheads has successfully resurrected the legendary Southend Shakedown, with all of the free bike parking for the day now allocated. Since the Ace Café stopped...

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12/04/2019    emissions test on the go

In a world where there is much more emphasis on clean fuels and care for the environment, The Jekill and Hyde Company makes sure that all exhaust systems are compliant with the latest emission...

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