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06/09/2018    funeral for vin cunningham

The funeral for Vin Cunningham will be held at noon on Tuesday 11 September at the Sacred Heart church on Blackburn Road A666 in Darwen. The church is 1/4 mile from the exit to the M65 and opposite...

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05/09/2018    More than 70 Honda CB750s to attend celebrations

More than 70 Honda CB750 motorcycles will be displayed at a day to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launch of the world's first superbike at the 1968 Tokyo Motor Show. The celebration is being...

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04/09/2018    an evening with Niall Mackenzie and Neil Hodgson

Ducati Glasgow is holding an informal evening with Niall Mackenzie and Neil Hodgson at its showroom at Hillington Park on 12 September. "Want to be meet British motorcycle legends," the dealership...

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04/09/2018    TT hip flask to be auctioned at stafford

Motorcycle legend Harry Rembrandt ‘Rem’ Fowler’s hip flask, awarded following his success at the 1907 inaugural Isle of Man TT race, will be offered at Bonhams Autumn Stafford Sale (Staffordshire...

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03/09/2018    vin cunningham passes away

Retired Suzuki dealer Vin Cunningham has died. He was 89. Vin spent many years as a leading dealer for the Japanese brand and then some great years with Piaggio in the nineties. He even found time...

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