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A snapshot of global bike and ATV industry share performance at the trading week closure on Friday 16 August 2019. BDN financial editor Roger Willis reports on how volatility has become the new norm...

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16/08/2019    relaunch aims to restore scomadi 'glory days'

Scomadi is relaunching its classic retro scooter brand in the UK following a recent change of importer/distributor. The Thai-owned manufacturer is promising a “return to the glory days”, thanks to a...

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16/08/2019    franchise network goes bust

Motorcycle Warehouse, a PTW brokerage company which evolved to offer franchises to dealers across the UK, has gone out of business. Based in Newton Abbot in Devon, the company had been trading since...

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16/08/2019    ‘Triumph was the right way to go’

Triumph Motorcycles has appointed Premier Bikes to represent the Hinckley brand in the Oxford area.                            Dealer Principal Andy Valentine will be operating the Triumph...

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16/08/2019    Hedon is BMW’s preferred helmet partner

British manufacturer Hedon is to supply BMW with classic and custom-inspired helmets. The London-based company is known for its eclectic mix of retro-styled open- and full face lids. Despite that...

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