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27/07/2017    Ducati Glasgow Donates Bike to Charity Auction

A charity auction to be held as part of a prestigious hotel's 25th anniversary celebrations has been given a massive boost by a dealer. Ducati Glasgow is donating a motorcycle to help the charity...

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26/07/2017    Mcia welcomes ban on new petrol and diesel cars

The Motorcycle Industry Association has welcomed the news that the government plans to ban new fossil fuel-powered vehicles from 2040, saying it will be a “tremendous stimulus” for bike makers. It's...

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26/07/2017    Help the DVSA to develop MOT reminder service

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is inviting the trade to try out a new service it is developing to help owners get their vehicles MOT'd on time. The invitation comes in a blog by an MOT...

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26/07/2017    concern over ban on petrol and diesel vehicles

The National Franchised Dealers Association has expressed concern at the news of a ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles from the year 2040. “While we recognise that government has to address the...

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25/07/2017    triumph that ended the first world war

The 1916 Triumph that’s believed to have carried the German Kaiser’s surrender document to allied HQ on 11 November, 1918 is one of a special display of motorcycles more than 100 years old that will...

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