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18/04/2019    dealer upgrade includes more showroom space

Guinness world record holder Staffordshire Triumph has just completed a £220,000 showroom modernisation. Since moving into what was the largest Triumph showroom in Europe in 2012, the business is...

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17/04/2019    Thanks BDN It's Easter ... thursday this week

It's almost Easter, and with businesses shutting for Good Friday it's going to be a case of Thank BDN It's Thursday this week - well, Thank BDN It's Easter, actually. You might be looking forward to...

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17/04/2019    dealers 'cautiously optimistic' despite Brexit

Traditionally, March is the month that kick-starts sales in the motorcycle world, thanks to the start of better weather and the change to the new number plate, and it was no different this March,...

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As a traditional new-plate month with big volumes, March usually kickstarts the bike sales season. But this year, it has also shrugged off current political and economic uncertainties to deliver...

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16/04/2019    good tyre deal for amca members

The AMCA (Amateur Motor Cycle Association) has secured an exclusive member deal with Dunlop tyres for the 2019 season. An AMCA licence holder can buy a pair of Geomax MX12, MX33 or MX52s at a...

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