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09/09/2013    Reevu developing its intelligent rear-view helmet.

Reevu is seeking ideas for developing its intelligent rear-view helmet. The company is looking for intel from riders and dealers as to what type of applications they would like to see incorporated...

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09/09/2013    Lauge Jensen passes new EURO4 emissions regulations

Danish custom-bike-builder Lauge Jensen is the first motorcycle manufacturer in the world to pass the new EURO4 emissions regulations. The EURO4 emissions laws, due to come into force on 1 January...

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09/09/2013    Your best pal in an emergency

A simple decal could help save bikers’ lives by making it easier for medical staff to treat them.Motorcyclists are 75% more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than car drivers. Tragically, in...

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06/09/2013    August 2013 Stats

Stats released by the MCIA for August show that while sales of motorcycles increased slightly compared to August 2012, sales of mopeds fell dramatically, with a 24% slump in the number of machines...

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06/09/2013    Ducati doubles MotoGP seats

Ducati is to double the number of seats available in its exclusive Silverstone grandstand for the 2014 British Grand Prix.Seating in the covered Luffield B Ducati Grandstand will increase from 1055...

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