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10/08/2018    Arnolds Motorcycles joins Suzuki network

Suzuki has expanded its presence in the Midlands, with Leicester-based Arnolds Motorcycles taking on the Japanese brand. The dealership was established in 1970 by Arnold de Rijk, initially selling...

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10/08/2018    new, second threat to battery retailers

Retailer warns trade to respond to new, second threat to sale of batteries   From 1 July it became illegal, without an Explosives Precursors and Poisons (EPP) licence, for the public to buy a...

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10/08/2018    motorcycle industry trailblazer signed off

A scheme to train new generations of motorcycle technicians has been approved by the government. “Following three years of intense work, we are pleased to announce that our Trailblazer...

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10/08/2018    spirit of munro to make speed record bid

Indian Motorcycle has announced that Lee Munro, the great nephew of the legendary land-speed racer Burt Munro, will attempt to break 200mph at Bonneville Salt Flats this month. Equipped with the...

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Yamaha’s struggling European motorcycle business has been largely responsible for taking the shine off its entire group performance in the first half of this year. BDN financial editor Roger Willis...

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