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10/04/2019    custom bike builder dies in bike accident

American custom motorcycle builder Jesse Rooke has been killed in a motorcycle accident on Carefree Highway in Phoenix. There are no details on the circumstances of the crash, which occurred on the...

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09/04/2019    zero's whistlestop tour lets uk riders see the sr/f

Ace Cafe and dealer Streetbike will be playing host to Zero Motorcycles' new SR/F streetfighter this week. A prototype SR/F will be at the Ace Café tomorrow evening (10 April) between 6pm and 9.30pm...

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09/04/2019    bid to tackle drug and acohol abuse in off-road sport

The Auto Cycle Union (ACU) and Amateur Motor Cycle Association (AMCA) have adopted a joint approach to tackle what they say is the increasing issue of drug and alcohol abuse. The two organisations...

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09/04/2019    Holeshot marks 10 years and appoints social media specialist

Motorcycling and automotive communications specialist Holeshot PR is celebrating its tenth anniversary by strengthening its range of services with the appointment of a dedicated videographer and...

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The analysis by BDN financial editor Roger Willis of the MCIA's registration data for March has been removed after the industry body identified errors in its figures. The statistics for March that...

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