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After almost a decade of unremitting losses from its motorcycle business, Suzuki has unveiled a return to profitability in half-yearly results to 30 September. BDN financial editor Roger Willis...

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02/11/2017    met reveals tough tactics against scooter criminals

The Met Police have revealed tough new tactics in the fight against moped gangs, including the deployment of agile motorbikes to chase down suspects and the use of DNA sprays. Police are using the...

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02/11/2017    connected vehicle technology and bike safety

Experts from the motorcycle industry, the European Commission, the US Department of Transportation and other organisations met at the ITS World Congress in Montreal, Canada, on 1 November to discuss...

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02/11/2017    Padgetts teams up with TT Star for promo campaign

Padgetts Motorcycles has teamed up with Conor Cummins, the Isle of Man's quickest TT rider, for a new social media video campaign. Developed in partnership with Radar Video, the campaign has...

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01/11/2017    thieves steal 12 of 14 machines from showroom

Thieves have all but cleared out a dealership, stealing 12 of the 14 motorcycles from the showroom. BVM Moto, of Woodchester, near Stroud, was targeted overnight on 31 October. Ten petrol-engined...

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