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10/01/2020    Elvis golf cart fails to get bidders' temperature rising

A Harley-Davidson golf cart owned by Elvis Presley failed to sell during an auction held on his birthday, 8 January. The King didn’t hit the links in the three-wheel cart but used it to get around...

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Triumph has unveiled new offers and extended a selection of existing specials. New offers include a £250 contribution towards the personalisation of a private number plate, available across all...

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09/01/2020    The last meriden triumph

Bonhams is about to auction what it claims is the last motorcycle built by Meriden Triumph. The bike is a 1983 Triumph T140W TSS, capable of 120-125mph. The "W" is probably for "Weslake". Weslake,...

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09/01/2020    December down, annual registrations up

December and full-year MCIA registrations data concluding 2019 proved just as gloomy as most observers anticipated, BDN financial editor Roger Willis reports. The final month was 2.9% down to 4995...

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09/01/2020    Powered two wheeler sales grow in 2019

In contrast to many retail markets, sales of motorcycles, scooters and other Powered Light Vehicles (PLVs) grew in 2019, the MCIA reports. The year saw a total of 107,408 registrations, a 1.5%...

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