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22/04/2022    The latest International News

Three leading European motorcycle manufacturing contenders on a German-Italian axis have registered remarkable performance turnarounds over the past year. BDN financial editor Roger Willis surveys...

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21/04/2022    Versatility provides popularity

This month we look at the fastest-selling used bikes on Auto Trader since the turn of the year. Every month we see that 125s and scooters are the fastest sellers, so they have been removed from the...

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21/04/2022    Kymco covers the South

Michael Ridley has been promoted to an area sales representative at Kymco UK. Ridley will cover the Southwest region, with motorcycle, ATV and mobility products in his remit. Kymco UK senior area...

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20/04/2022    Holeshot paints Yeovil green

Off-road chain Holeshot expands with new Kawasaki road bike dealership in Yeovil. The worlds of dirt bikes and road bikes don’t seem to mix as often as you might expect, but Salisbury firm Holeshot...

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A snapshot of bike and ATV industry share performance across key manufacturers and major global markets at the trading week closure on Friday 15 April 2022. BDN financial editor Roger Willis reports...

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