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23/12/2012    Motorcycle industry share price guide

A snapshot of global bike and ATV industry share performance at the trading week closure on Friday 21 December 2012. USA (US dollar) Harley-Davidson Daily high 48.75 Daily low 47.70 Last trade 48.69...

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17/12/2012    Thumbs up for Harley finance reform

The streamlining of Harley-Davidson's financial subsidiaries, effective from 1 January 2013, has received tacit approval from leading ratings agency Standard & Poor's (S&P). Harley-Davidson...

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14/12/2012    Autumn gloom sinks November UK registrations

Although we have now reached the silly season where unit registrations suffer from a four-month winter hiatus of numbers so low that identifying or predicting trends is a pointless exercise,...

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13/12/2012    Indonesian market bouncing back fast

Motorcycle sales in Indonesia, which is the world's third-largest market behind China and India, and a benchmark of prosperity for the dominant Honda and Yamaha brands, have now almost returned to...

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12/12/2012    No respite for Italian market in November

Although the numbers are seasonally smaller anyway, typically averaging only 3.4 per cent of the annual total at this time of the year, Italy's powered two-wheeler sales still continued to implode...

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