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Lubricants & fluids


Comprising Universal Friction Reducer, Chain Lube, Chain Cleaner and Eurocat, the range is designed to improve the efficiency and economy of motorcycle engines and transmissions. Universal Friction Reducer is an oil additive for engines and transmissions that reduces metal to metal wear by up to 90 per cent resulting in a guaranteed (or your money back) five per cent gain in bhp/economy and is guaranteed not to invalidate manufacturers' warranties. Eurocat is a fuel conditioner that fits either in the fuel line or tank and is designed to create a more complete combustion reducing emissions whilse giving potential gains in performance and economy. Units are offered with a ten-year or 100,000 miles warranty. including a 12-month customer satisfaction money back guarantee. Chain Lube and Chain Cleaner do what it says on the tin.
ACTIVE8 Lubricants
tel; 01387 811007