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Paris-based custom bike building house Bad Winners has released a series of kits for owners of Royal Enfield’s Interceptor and Continental 650 models to personalise their bikes. Based on a one-off bike commissioned by Royal Enfield, the new kits are a Front Kit, Seat Kit, Performance Kit and Suspension Kit. The Performance Kit offers a choice of three exhausts of various styles plus a new air filter and a Dynojet Power Commander tailored to suit. The Suspension Kit comprises a YSS spring upgrade for the front fork and a choice of new Bitubo or YSS shocks at the rear.
The two styling kits are more adventurous: the Front Kit swaps out the handlebars, headlight, mirrors, speedometer and indicators for a mix of bespoke and branded items and adds in a adaptive electronics module that connects to the original loom. The Seat Kit is an even bigger change. A new handmade seat is 5cm shorter than the original and comes in a choice of real or imitation leather, and the new mudguard and numberplate mount are also made by the Parisian craftsmen. A replacement rear light with LED illumination finishes everything off.
The Front Kit has an SRP of €1549, the Seat Kit is €936, the Performance Kit is €1130 and the Suspension Kit up to €958.
Bad Winners;