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A update for the 2020 iteration of the Evo Factory sees Tuscan manufacturer Beta add all the changes it made for the standard version (revised engine timing for more power, and new bodywork - see BDN November 2019) and then sprinkle a few extra performance upgrades on top.

The two-stroke motors come in 125, 250 and 300cc capacities and for the Factory have black magnesium casings for lighter weight and a titanium manifold is fitted to boost performance. The 300cc version also has a modified cylinder head for even more performance, and it is given a red painted finish. The 300cc four-stroke model is equipped with a titanium silencer and a new electronic control unit for the engine.

Both version benefit from chassis upgrades which include re-calibrated forks, gold-anodised CNC-machined triple-clamps, revised rear suspension and gold-anodised wheels with Michelin X-light tyres. In addition, lots of bits, such as the bar end plugs, chain adjuster and levers, are black-anodised rather than the standard aluminium finish.

All Factory machines come liveried in red, white and blue graphics. Prices to be confirmed.
Beta-UK; tel 01756 793521;