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The Boxxbike Valkyrie is an eBike aimed at allowing motocross racers vary their training. With a 14kW motor delivering 280Nm of torque the Valkyrie is a long way from being either road or cyclepath legal, so it can only be used on private land. The bike weighs in at a lightweight 38Kg, giving acceleration the maker claims is comparable to a 250cc two-stroke MX bike and a top speed of more than 50mph. Range is “up to” 93 miles (although doubtless far less than that if the performance is taken advantage of) and operation can be switched between pedal assist or throttle modes depending on preference. Prices start at £10,495 with a Rockshox Boxxer fork and rise up to £12,495 for a model with Ohlins suspension.
Urbanmoto; 01522 589461;