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Diamondbrite Paintwork Protection

If a bike has paintwork that needs protecting, there's an opportunity to sell Diamondbrite to its new owner.

And you make extra profit on bike sales.


Treating new cars and caravans with paintwork protection is a well-established profit stream and Diamondbrite is market leader in both sectors. Many dealers offer this service on clean used vehicles too.

Diamondbrite Motorcycle Pro is a new sealant, specifically developed for motorcycles, which is only available to authorised dealers. Simple to apply (it takes around an hour) Diamondbrite  forms a tough, high-gloss barrier on painted surfaces. It shields bodywork from pollutants and makes cleaning easier - dirt and grime won't stick to the high gloss finish – so the new owner won't need to wax or polish their bike again.
“But does it work? Yes, is the simple answer … washing the bike takes half the time it used to.”
Motorcycle News, December 2018

Watch the video to find out more here.


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