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BC Charger's BT-02 from WMD is the most thorough professional battery and charging system tester on the market. It not only tests all types of lead acid 6V and 12V battery, but also the cranking and charging voltage on the motorcycle's electrical system.
In unexpected battery failure the consumer often blames a 'dud' battery when in many cases the real culprit has been a fault in the charging system of the motorcycle – and the replacement battery will suffer the same fate.
The BT-02 can test the both health of the battery, and the health of the charging system on the bike, and comes with a detailed handbook on what the results of these tests mean and the recommended course of action. This allows workshop staff to quickly and efficiently diagnose any problems in the battery or motorcycle electrical system with no fuss.
The BT-02 is capable of testing the motorcycle's charging system including:

  • Cranking volts (high, low, normal)
  • Charging volts at idle (high, low, normal)
  • Amount of ripple (no ripple, ripple normal, ripple high)
  • Charging volts with accessory loads (high, low, normal)

All varieties of 6V and 12V lead acid batteries can be tested with the BT-02, including conventional, VRLA, Gel and AGM, and all the main industry international standards are covered (SAE, DIN, EN, IEC and JIS) for utmost accuracy when testing. For batteries, the BT-02 will test:

  • State of health and recommended course of action
  • Voltage
  • State of charge
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

Designed for a life in the busy workshop environment, the BT-02 has a protective rubber shell to withstand any knocks, and the tester and all leads that come with it can be tidied away in the practical storage case. Unlike many appliances, the batteries for this tester ARE included: 6x AA batteries, which allows for minimal battery drain while testing.
The BT-02 can be configured to run in 7 languages (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese) and comes with a detailed English handbook with instructions and recommended course of action for test results.
Wholesale price excl. VAT: £133.33. In stock now at WMD. Free next day delivery for all UK trade customers. (registration required)
Tel: 01273 595746