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The 2013 Can-AM Outlander 500 DPS featuring the first Tri-mode dynamic power steering on an ATV provides drivers with outstanding handling and traction for smooth manoeuvrability regardless of the terrain.  And offers a profitable opportunity for new dealers.  BRP is now recruiting for qualified dealers for its ATV and SSV range of recreational and utility vehicles and is keen to hear from you.
The Can-Am Outlander 500 leads the way with the most power in its class, powered by a mighty 46 kW Rotax™ engine and G2 Surround Spar Technology (SST) chassis, enhancing the overall comfort of the vehicle at all levels of riding.  Completely redesigned around the Geometric Contact Control principle, the result is improved ride quality, more comfort and traction as well as better cornering and directional control.  Further enhancements include BRP’s advanced technologies such as the Visco-Lok QE, which provides quicker engagement of the front differential, progressively transferring power from a slipping front wheel to a gripping one automatically, without having to push any buttons. The D.E.S.S. anti-theft system is a digitally encoded security programme utilising electronic key codes that are required to match each specific ATV’s engine control module and will not start unless the coded microchip in the key matches the pre-installed code.

For further information about becoming a Can-Am Outlander dealer contact Paul Wood on:
+44 (0)7770 544576