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The Motorcycle Trade Expo 2018 sees the official launch of the Diamondbrite Motorcycle Range. To celebrate this, we have an exclusive offer for visitors. This is your chance to get on board with Diamondbrite and make a clean getaway with this Expo-only deal!
Diamondbrite Motorcycle gives multiple revenue streams based around the ‘Pro Paint Protection’ system and the range of premium aftercare products, all of which can be sold separately.
Order at the Expo and receive 6 pro kits and a POS stand filled with retail products for just £500. Thats a massive 25% off and a chance to almost double your products. It’s a steal! (Stand B74).
Bike Wash
Diamondbrite Bike Wash is a high foaming cleaner designed for regular use. Blended to use on almost all motorcycle surfaces and materials (including carbon fibre), it is also safe on seals, cables, brake pads and rotors.
Chrome & Metal Polish
Cleans, restores and shines a multitude of metal surfaces including aluminium and chrome. Applies as a super smooth cream, which is simply buffed off once misted. Ideal as a ‘finishing touch’ product after a thorough clean for that factory fresh look!
Safely strips built-up oil and grease from a multitude of bike parts including chain and sprocket, and the lube residue found around the back wheel due to chain fling.
Kit Fresh
Developed specifically for use on motorcycle kit including helmets, boots gloves and clothing interiors. Kit Fresh is easy to apply and rapidly combats the bacteria which forms on material surfaces which come into close contact with the riders body. Keeps a riders kit clean, hygienic and fresh.
Pro Preserve
Pro Preserve shares technology with aviation-grade materials used to protect aircraft paint. Designed to be used by the rider (this product does not need to be professionally applied), top-up is a very simple spray-on / wash off solution which should be used periodically to maintain the integrity of the Pro paint protection and maintain the 3 year warranty.
Vinyl, Plastic & Rubber Protect
This product has been specially formulated to clean and combat discolouration on vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces. It includes a non slip formula and prevents fading.
The product which made Diamondbrite famous - now available for bikers. Diamondbrite Pro is a dealer or workshop (professional) applied paint protection system designed to last. The hard, high gloss protective skin prevents road salts, traffic film, acid rain, tree sap, insect fluid and many other pollutants from contacting directly with protected surfaces. Future cleaning - to a factory fresh finish - is a breeze with only periodic application of the supplied top up solution necessary (The Pro Preserve product).
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