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Developed with the help of coaches from the California Superbike School, the new Essential Packs from v2mal contain all those really useful little items that can make a big difference to a rider’s track day, tour or weekend away. Constructed from a combination of a hardwearing and waterproof "shark-skin" neoprene with an elastomeric membrane, the packs are easy to access and to stash. Contents include: earplugs, v2 visor cleaning sponge, microfibre cloth, 10-pack of wipes, sachet of Fogtech anti-mist for the visor and five sachets of Raincoat. Energy, hydration and nutrition products from Science in Sport (SIS) can also be found in the packs. The Touring and Trackday packs also include Sdoc100 white chain spray and a digital tyre pressure gauge, while the Touring and Weekend packs have hi-viz vests, too. Packs cost £24.99-£39.99 SRP.

v2mal; tel 087000 677616;

Essential Packs from v2mal