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A new range of shiny paraphernalia covering the 950, SP and recently-launched RVE variants of Ducati’s street hooligan machine has been launched by Lincolnshire-based Evotech Performance.

The lightweight aluminium EP Tail Tidy is designed to give a shorter stance and allows the use of the OE lights and indicators. It incorporates a pair of stainless steel shields that deflect exhaust heat away from the lights and has an SRP of £175.

The radiator guards has a hexagonal hole pattern said to deliver maximum airflow and protection from road debris.. It comes black powered coated for an SRP of £79. A matching oil cooler guard is £52.50, and an engine guard is £79. All three are available as a set for £178.50 SRP.

For crash protection Evotech has got aluminium-cored nylon frame protection bobbins for an SRP of £79.99, and bar guards to protect the controls and OE handguards/indicator units for £130 SRP. To protect the wheels, forks and swingarm there are front (£35.99) and rear (£46.00) spindle bobbins. Last but not least, front caliper guards do what they say on the tin and and are £25 per pair.

A folding brake and clutch lever set pivots out of harm’s way in the event of a fall. Alternatively, a short brake and clutch lever set is just less likely to hit the floor and break. Levers are machined from billet alloy, anodised and feature a six-way span adjustment system. SRP for either set is £115.

Evotech; tel 01507 466729