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Lubricants & fluids


Hoco Parts UK, are currently running a promotional campaign on Fuchs Silkolene Lube Cubes, and are keen to point out the advantages of using the Lube Cubes and how they  can improve your green credentials with your customers and help reduce plastic pollution.

This “bag in box” concept offers a smart, highly eco-friendly alternative to rigid plastic bottles and is easier to store and use. Each FUCHS Lube Cube is constructed from a durable 100% recyclable outer.

Inside is a 98% recyclable plastic inner bag, which after use can be flattened and disposed of in normal licensed recycling waste.

• Easy to stack, reducing the amount of storage space required.

• 4L Lube Cube - 60% cent more units can fit on one regular pallet.

• 20L Lube Cube - 14% more products fitting on a regular pallet

• Controlled anti-glug pour

Call 01484 641073 or see for further information.