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Trekking across the Sahara or Serengeti brings the very real danger of dehydrating under the intense sun and arid landscape. Trekking around the M25 under the anaemic English sun might not be quite so life-threatening, but it is still nice to be able to rehydrate on the fly. Givi has tackled this issue and come up with an off-road use backpack with an integrated water bag – the GTR719.

Part of the Gravel T-line range of luggage and accessories, the GTR719 has a 3-litre storage capacity  and features a secondary storage pocket, breathable back panel and a quick release shoulder strap. A specific pocket can house the 2-litre Hydrapak Elite water bag, which has a TPU drinking tube that clips into the backpack and a silicone mouthpiece with leak-proof valve.

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