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Following the success of their first Bluetooth battery monitor, Larsson have developed version 2.0 which includes a host of new features and more advanced battery diagnostics. 
The JMP Battery Monitor continuously checks the condition of the battery keeping the user informed of its status. Once the battery reaches low voltage, the user is notified via an app notification before the battery becomes too flat, reducing its lifespan. The monitor can be connected to any 6 or 12-volt battery and connects to any Apple or Android smartphone via Bluetooth.
The Battery Monitor continually records battery information both when the bike is parked and during a ride, without the need for a phone to be within range. Once the app is opened, the historical data is downloaded and can be viewed as text or as a graph. The information can be exported to excel and emailed, directly within the app. The monitor can identify faults in the electrical systems as it records cold cranking voltage, charge rate at idle and with high rpm and can guide the user through fault identification.
Installation is easy as the monitor connects with two eyelets and features reverse polarity protection. As the unit is small, it can be stored next to the battery and the power consumption is very low (less than 2mA) and does not reduce the capacity of the battery. If you have more than one battery then no problem, the app can connect to multiple monitors and each can be named for easy identification.
Part number: 706.02.73
Retail price: £39.98 including VAT
Trade price: £23.32 + VAT

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