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As winter sets in, Keis has added three new shell fabric garments to its range of heated clothing. The J501 Premium jacket has micro carbon fibre heat pads fitted at the chest, arms and back. Designed to be worn under a regular motorcycle jacket, the J501 can be powered direct from the bike’s battery and can be used with an optional heat controller. Typical power is 66W and the SRP is £199.

The V501 Premium vest has heat pads fitted at the chest and back and can use either the bike’s battery or a Keis portable rechargeable battery as its power source. Typical power is 18W and the SRP is £140. The B501 is a ladies’ bodywarmer with a more fitted shape than the vest. Heat pads are fitted at the chest, back and collar and, like the vest, it can use the bike or a battery as power source. Power is 14.4W and SRP is £155.

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