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Italian exhaust firm Mivv has launched new Euro 5 exhausts to suit BMW’s mid-range F900R and F900XR models.

Options for the F900R are the Delta Race in stainless steel or black stainless steel finishes, or the GP Pro in carbon, titanium or black stainless steel. The Delta Race claims to be half the weight of the stock exhaust, at 3.4kg, and also to provide a welcome 3hp boost. The GP Pro is even more featherweight, at just 2.6kg, and also provides an extra 3hp.

The Delta Race is also available for the F900XR, with the same options and benefits as above, with the second option being the Oval with its twin carbon caps sandwiching the titanium or carbon central body. The more classic style of the Oval means that its performance boost is more modest, at 1.3hp, but it still manages to shave 2.3kg off compared to the OE system.

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