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Gear shifting control for adventurer bikers, turn your single peg into a twin, increasing gear reaction time, on/off road, when you need it the most! Dramatically reducing boot movement which also reduces fatigue.

One model fits all

  • Improve your speed of gear change in extremely challenging off road circumstances
  • Improve gear reaction times to rapidly changing traffic circumstances
  • Keep the control to the rear wheel just a little longer
  • Increase your street reaction time
  • Reduce fatigue in traffic & on long journeys
  • “Feeling” for the peg in heavy boots is minimised
  • You become more in touch with the gearing
  • High quality machined aluminium
  • Multi adjustable foot settings to suit most foot/boot sizes
  • Fits to most road/adventurer motorbike existing gear pegs
  • Lightweight & rugged design
  • Easy install

Watch Moto Pro Shifter in action on HERE.

Rapid gear shifting on/off-road precisely when you need it most
Moto Pro-Shifter dramatically increases gear control & comfort for adventurer bikers, reducing fatigue, discomfort & boot movement on gear changes.
A high quality product that has been engineered to have a high-impact resistance.
A solution that retrofits to most adventurer motorbikes utilising the existing gear peg.

Moto Proshifter
£56.93 Trade price excluding VAT
£94.95 Retail including VAT

For more information or to order please call the Bullshift Sales team on 0161 885 3151 or go to
Moto Proshifter is designed by on/off Adventurer bike riders for Adventurer bike riders.

Moto Proshifter
Bullshift Sales Limited
+44 161 885 3151