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The eagerly awaited New Shoei GT-Air (in plain colours) is now in stock to order at Feridax. Graphic models are due to arrive early April.
Shoei has launched an all-new premium level full-face helmet aimed at the high-end sports tourer rider, blending all its latest technology into a functional, comfortable and quiet, but thoroughly modern and sporting design.

The new Shoei GT-Air is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and safety, with special attention paid to precise, personalised fitment, noise suppression, ventilation, fit and maximum quality of vision under all conditions.

Shoei constantly listening to feedback
The GT-Air has followed the already successful Neotec by utilising the quick-release ratchet system on the chin-strap. However customer feedback has shown that the UK market is still largely in favour of the ‘D-Ring’ fastening system so the UK version of the GT-Air will come with the D-Ring chin-strap fastening rather than the quick-release ratchet system available on all other global models.

The GT-Air features an injection moulded windshield with the Pinlock fog-free system fitted as standard and a click-down inner sun visor to allow instant protection from sudden sun glare or changing light conditions.

The sporty and aggressive shell design has been wind tunnel tested to provide ultimate stability, ventilation and noise suppression in all riding conditions, to reduce fatigue and leave the rider alert and comfortable at the end of a long ride.

The shell comes in three sizes and the lining in four, to provide precise and comfortable personal fitment. Both the lining and padding can be removed for easy maintenance and the fit of the helmet can be fine-tuned by applying optional padding in different thicknesses and of course there is room for the addition of intercom speakers. Shoei has also considered the problems that can befall those riders who wear spectacles by allowing for the accommodation of glasses without compromising comfort or noise suppression.

The GT-Air utilises Shoei’s AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) shell structure which uses complex layers of  both glass and organic fibres and two liners of different hardness. It also features E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System), a safety design that incorporates a quickly removable cheek pad that allows the safe and easy removal of the helmet by emergency services in the event of an accident.

The GT-Air will be available in the UK from March 2013 in  both plain colours and graphic models.

SRP: from £399.99.
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