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Don’t sell a bike without it

Treat every bike you sell with Diamondbrite Motorcycle Pro and everyone’s a winner.

Your customers ride away on a machine with paintwork that will be protected from road grime, bird droppings, bug splat and other corrosive pollutants for the next 3 years - guaranteed!

And you make extra profit on bike sales.

How does it work?
Diamondbrite Motorcycle Pro is a paintwork protection sealant, specifically developed for motorcycles, which is only available to authorised dealers.

Application – usually by the dealership's valeter - takes around an hour and Diamondbrite then forms a tough, high-gloss barrier on painted surfaces. It not only shields bodywork from pollutants, but also makes cleaning easier - dirt and grime won't stick to the high gloss finish. And Diamondbrite removes the need for waxing and polishing – another benefit for the customer.

Perfect for PCP
Customers buying a bike on PCP want to ensure it’s in peak condition at the end of the contract, to avoid any deductions for damage, and with Diamondbrite they can be confident that paintwork will be guaranteed against degradation. With prices starting from £150, that’s a small price to pay for peace of mind!

Watch the video to find out more here.


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