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Lubricants & fluids


Putoline have introduced two new products aimed at the off-road market. Ice Cooler is a silicate-free, long-life coolant based on Nano Technology and Mono Propylene Glycol (MPG). It is said to reduce operating temperatures under race conditions for increased reliability and to inhibit corrosion. It offers frost protection down to a minimum of -26 degrees C. Available in a 2 litre bottle at an SRP of £16.75.

Put-Off Bike Cleaner is a total cleaner for motorcycles and quads. The concentrated formula is claimed to provide powerful cleaning and long-lasting protection. It is also suitable for the most sensitive surfaces (magnesium, anodised elements, aluminium, etc). Available in a 1 litre bottle, SRP £5.99, and a 5 litre bottle at SRP £21.95

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