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Cal Crutchlow wears: TRACK WIND PRO LEATHER SUIT RRP: £799.99

Spidi’s experience in the MotoGP and World Superbikes series has generated the perfect mix of performance and design: the Track Wind Pro Tracksuit.
 With many innovation tested by MotoGP riders such as Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Crutchlow, these leathers are made of 1.2/1.3mm thick cowhide with advanced fitting tech thanks to its structure of stretch materials, neoprene inserts and Multitech/Biomechanic/Forcetech protectors, all coming from Spidi’s racing experience.
Protectors also include adjustable knee CE Multitech and CE hips. The Track Wind Pro comes with back protector-ready back pocket and chest protector-ready front chest attachment.
Technical Features:

  •     Full grain cowhide leather (1,2/1.3 mm thicnkness)
  •     Removable liner Mesh inner liner
  •     CE Force Tech protectors on elbows and knees
  •     CE Biomechanic protectors on shoulders
  •     CE Multitech protectors on hip
  •     Flex Tenax areas for perfect fitting
  •     Warrior Back Protector Lev.1 or Lev.2 arrangement
  •     Warrior Chest Protector arrangement
  •     High-Flow vents on shoulders and back
  •     The Suit can be equipped with exclusive Hydroback system inside its racing hump.


Racing leather gloves developed for high performance racing and sport riding. Feature Carbo Track represents Spidi's excellence in the field of racing gloves. The result of 35 years of evolution, Carbo Track combines excellent fit and riding sensitivity with the highest levels of protection. This is the glove chosen by our riders competing in the major World Championships.

Technical features:

  •     Full-grain leather, thickness 0.8 mm
  •     Areas in perforated leather
  •     Cowhide palm with Clarino® reinforcements
  •     Keramide lining for maximum abrasion and heat resistance
  •     Kevlar stitchings
  •     Double stitching’s on dangerous areas
  •     Reinforcements with Warrior technology applied on the entire side and over little finger
  •     Carbon fiber shields on the knuckles, phalanges and metacarpus
  •     Special construction on the shield area for a better fitting and higher protection
  •     Knuckle protector with Dumper siliconic shock absorber insert
  •     Shock-absorbing padding
  •     Velcro strap for closure on the wrist
  •     Double Velcro closure on the forearm


The Warrior technology is based on highly shock absorbing light composite material cells. The tangible result is a level 2 CE certification with an average shock absorbing factor of 9 Kilo Newtons. During certification tests for this kind of protectors, the required value of residual energy must not be over 18 KNs. The residual energy of Warrior Back is 7.8 KNs. Surprisingly light, thin and comfortable, this protector evolves the idea of the improved comfort as a factor in improving safety, because it makes riding easier and let the rider concentrate better.
The air canalization and the internal mesh are aimed at improving air circulation, about 50% more than regular back protectors. The implementation of comfortable advanced material and an innovative design allows the Back Warrior to stay under 560g of total weigh, this against and average 900g of traditional protectors. Great focus on ergonomics: a double fastening system on the belt and different size scales for man and lady guarantee a custom fitting from 145 cm to 195 cm of height.
This customization is also aimed at always having the protector to adhere at rider's back and to not interfere with the jackets worn. Back Warrior will be available in 4 different sizes.


Spidi's effort in the safety field brought the company to certify a chest protector, in fact SPIDI's Warrior Chest is regulated as level 1 prEn 1621-3 (provisional norm for Chest protector for motorbike usage). 
The Warrior technology is composed by 3 layers shaped as a square block structure designed to spread out the shockwave.
Warrior Chest Protector main tech specs and features are:

  •    21,8 Kn shock absorbing value (clears prEn 1621-3 test),
  •    644 sq/cm area covered by the protector
  •    Biomechanic junctions are able to adapt to the chest's morphology. This also enables easy folding for storage of protector
  •    Max thickness is 15mm (guarantees aerodynamics and comfort)
  •    Great air circulation thanks to wide air vents
  •    140g weight

Warrior chest comes built in or optional on most SPIDI jackets and top range leather suits.
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