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Daytona are known to be one of the leading manufacturers of premium heated grips. 2019 sees a refreshed line up with grips available for scooters, ATVs and motorcycles. All grips are backed by a 2-year warranty and available for pre-12 delivery the next working day.

New release

4 Stage 22mm heated grips with invisible controller

Designed for 22mm bars, these 4 stage grips have an integrated controller within the left handle allowing a cleaner installation with fewer cables. Featuring a fast start up and short circuit protection these are an ideal choice for all riders.

Larsson part number: 706.03.26
Retail: £72.64 + VAT

30% dealer discount

4 Stage 22mm heated grips with standard controller

Offering a more conventional fit, these heated grips allow the rider to mount the controller in their preferred position. 4 LED indicators show the current heating level and the kit includes all accessories to mount both the grips and the controller.

Larsson part number: 706.03.24
Retail: £58.16 + VAT

30% dealer discount

1 Stage 22mm heated grips for scooters

Specially developed for scooters, these 1 stage grips offer a heated grip option for a smaller budget. Offering 1 level of heat with a basic on/off style switch which can be mounted on any flat surface. The 18W heat output allows them to be used all year round.

Larsson part number: 706.08.09
Retail: £31.28 + VAT
30% dealer discount

The full range of heated grips can be viewed here.

For more information please call our sales team on 01536 265633.


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