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Max out the Italian style points by adding a little Rizoma bling to the Vespa GTS300. The accesory maker has an eight-product range of bespoke parts for the model.

Styling modifications include a new steering cover machined from a 10kg aluminium block. Once whittled down it weighs just 370g, and it matches with a front mudguard crest, side-mounted air inlet grilles and handlebar grips in a choice of black, natural aluminium or bronze finishes.

Spirit RS mirrors mount on the bar ends and come in plain black finish, or black with “Created in Italy” engraving, and there is also an adjustable brake lever with a sliding control for fine-tuning the fit. Last but not least are a new registration plate mount with integrated lighting and a side-stand foot to stop that sinking (and toppling) feeling when parked up on soft ground.

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