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Larsson UK now stock a full range of the new XSO2 chain from renowned manufacturer RK. This new product range is upgraded from the successful RK 520XSO and is designed for mid-capacity motorcycles 250cc- 800cc, both road and off-road.

For more than 40 years, RK has supplied all well-known Japanese motorcycle manufacturers as original equipment. In racing, too, RK is the first choice of many teams in MotoGP, motocross or even the Paris-Dakar Rally.

A key advantage of the XSO2 range is a light chain weight, combined with ample strength, to give an emphasis on the acceleration feel because of optimised chain mass. This reduces power consumption by the chain.

RK’s attention to detail has also led to modified chain marking method from punching to Laser to enhance fatigue resistance. Usually, the chain maker’s name and chain model are punched on the outer plates of the chain. These punched marks although mild and shallow, reduce the thickness of the plates and therefore reduce the fatigue resistance strength of the chain. Laser marking removes this source of fatigue.

RK first developed sealed chains for 24-hour endurance racing in the 1970’s. With an RK sealed chain, competitors could complete an entire race on one chain, while competitors using unsealed chains would use at least 4 chains in a single race.

All XSO2 chains feature Double barrier RX-Ring seals within each link. These provide twice the lubrication seal and twice the life compared with standard O-ring chains. Unlike traditional O-ring chains, the XSO2 X-ring seals on 4 points, maximising lubricant retention while minimising friction.

While any sealed chain initially has slightly higher friction than a non-sealed chain, as time/rpm increase, sealed-ring chains significantly outperform non-sealed chains. During normal use chains heat up and expand; this expansion can create friction resulting in horsepower loss. Due to the increased internal lubrication of sealed-ring chains, friction is reduced, allowing the chain to transfer horsepower to the road more freely. This is further optimised with RK’s nitrile butadiene X-seals that ensure lubrication stays inside the chain while keeping dust and dirt out.

The new XSO2 range is available in multiple finishes that will prove popular with owners keen to replicate manufacturer racing colours in the chain. The XSO2 range includes Gold/Black outer/inner plate combination plus Blue, Red, Green, Orange or Steel finishes.

Key XSO2 features include:

  • Low chain weight with ample strength emphasizes acceleration
  • RX-Ring seals provide twice the lubrication seal and twice the life compared with standard O-ring chains
  • RK 520XSO2 fits a wider range of street & off-road applications up to 800cc
  • Available in Gold/Black, Black/Gold, Blue, Red, Green, Orange or Steel
  • Made in Japan

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