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Engine & Drivetrain



RK Takasago chains are made in Japan with meticulous attention to detail. Their Flagship model is the ZXW Black Scale Chain, utilising the best materials and manufacturing processes their attention to detail is second to none. RK were the first to use O-ring seals in their chains allowing riders in 24hr Endurance races to make 1 chain last a whole race where previously they had to change 3 times at least. Their commitment to be the best has led them to create the most advance seal on the market. Their XW Ring featured in the ZXW Chain features a triple barrier to protect the chain and increase the life of the chain like no other.

A 120 link 520 Sealed Chain is made up of 840 components. RK consider each and every part critical to the performance of the whole.

Both inner and outer plates are polished for over 16 hours to create the smoothest finish to reduce friction of the chain and protect the performance of the seal.

The Gold plating on the pins is individually coated to give you the maximum protection against rust and corrosion. The Jet Black colour is applied and piece by piece manually handled through the Electro Deposition process to ensure the highest quality. The Electro Deposition process protects the coating from wear, keeping the chain looking spectacular for miles and miles.

All RK chains are pre-stressed and pre-stretched for superior performance and minimize elongation during the life of the chain.

Is your chain OK? It should be RK!

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