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Developed from premium materials, the new slip-on exhaust system has been designed to improve the overall riding experience. Riders can choose from the highly demanded Red Power or Serket Taper silencers in a range of stunning different finishes. Red Power silencer – brushed stainless steel, black ceramic and satin titanium. Serket Taper silencer – brushed stainless steel, carbon fibre and satin titanium)
The silencers feature a T304 hand welded integrated link pipe which connects to the bikes stock system via the supplied fit kit. Once installed, either option requires no remapping, Scorpion technicians fully dyno develop each product to ensure it works with the bikes standard engine settings.
The innovative easy to install slip-on kit has been proven to increase the KATANA’s power and even liven up the throttle response. Using the latest manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials, the kit helps to reduce the bikes weight improving the overall manoeuvrability.
With all these benefits, riders want to be seen as well as heard and the Scorpion exhaust certainly delivers in that area with a deep thrilling note which perfectly matches the KATANA’s engine.
Red Power slip-on from £279.00
Serket Taper slip-on from £329.00

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