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After high demand Scorpion technicians have developed a market leading performance de-cat header upgrade kit.

The innovative header kit is constructed from T304 premium stainless steel and utilises machined collar fittings for an easy installation into the Z900 engine. The header kit has been strictly dyno developed to bring optimised performance enhancements including better throttle response and power delivery as well as great weight savings to improve rideability.

**EURO 4**

In addition to the de-cat header kit technicians have also developed a Euro 4 homologated catalyst which can be easily installed into the header mid section. This means the Scorpion slip-on and header kit with catalyst installed is Euro 4, EC approved for compatibility throughout many markets - an option not available with many other manufacturers.

Z900 de-cat header kit - £649.00
Z900 Homologated catalyst - £209.00
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