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Gear Gremlin Heated Grips

Give your customers a helping hand this season with a set of Gear Gremlin Heated Grips.

Robustly manufactured from anti-split and anti-perish rubber, FHG1 grips will fit most motorcycles/scooters with standard 22 mm diameter handlebars. The waterproof analogue controller is easy to operate with gloved hands and the rider can choose one of three settings to suit the weather conditions - HI, LO or OFF.

Retailing at just £44.99 including VAT, they are simple to fit, making them attractive to DIY mechanics, and also offer you the possibility of extra profit should you wish to fit them in the workshop.

PS Bikes need to be protected from the rain and cold too! Gear Gremlin's RiDE Recommended Classic Neon Cover comes in a range of sizes to fit most bikes and scooters. Tough and waterproof, retail prices start at just £45.99 inc VAT.

HANDY ONE-STOP-SHOP! Combine your orders with any of the other brands in The Key Collection catalogue, as well as genuine spares from Fowlers Parts, which is in the same group of companies.


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