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Market-leading Motorcycle Lubricant manufacturer SILKOLENE are continuing to lead the way in the development of sustainable packaging.

After switching all plastic 4L and 20L packaging to the 100% recyclable Lube Cube, the company have now saved over 1,000,000kg of plastic since it’s launch in 2012.

Following on from this success, SILKOLENE are now trialling a 1L engine oil pouch concept.

The new 1L pouch uses up to 80% less plastic than conventional plastic packaging and significantly reduces waste.

SILKOLENE have been trialling these pouches across the UK dealer network to gain valuable feedback from end-users.

Joost Van Genderen, Head of SILKOLENE said: “We are thrilled to be ramping up our sustainability journey by developing the1L Pouch”

“The introduction of the 4L & 20L Lube Cubes have been extremely well received by both our trade customers and end users, we’re confident that this 1L Pouch will prove just as popular”.

The 1L pouch is now available for SILKOLENE SUPER 4 10W-40.

tel: 01782 203700